Today Dentistry Case Study

Dental web design case study: Patient conversion rate from the website by 185%.


Allbyte Digital WebMockup3-1024x683 Dentistry Re-Design Case Study


Allbyte Digital WebMockup4-1024x683 Dentistry Re-Design Case Study


Today Dentistry has been operating in North Brisbane for over 30 years since 1988. They had their website first designed in-house in 2009. 10 years later they came across Allbyte Digital and agreed it was due for a change.

They had been thinking about this for a couple of years. They knew their 2009 website did not accurately represent their practice. It looked old and outdated… with stock images and no compelling calls-to-action. The mobile version was even worse than the desktop – even though more than 50% of website visitors were now on mobile phones

The Problem

The existing web design was outdated and it was not mobile-friendly either. Old websites were HTML websites, so the client was not able to make changes to the existing website without the help of a developer. 

Even though the website was receiving a decent amount of visitors, the visitors were not converting as patients. they were not receiving many calls from the website in particular, due to the website’s slow loading speed, bad interface, and lack of call to action button. Also, the website didn’t have specific pages for the services they were offering. 

our stratery

We listened to the client’s requirements and submitted a few prototypes of the new website look and functionality, next we focused on their usual users. When we studied the user behavior we found out that many users are bouncing from the website due to its slow loading speed and many people were not making calls or booking appointments due to the bad interface of the website on mobile as well as desktop. Based on this information we started to build the websites.




The Results

We built a unique WordPress Mobile Friendly website in 30 days. We created dedicated pages for each service they were offering in their dental practice. We also ensured that the websites are loading fast and mobile-friendly and added Call Now & Book Online Now buttons in the mobile version for convenience. We added the Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and YouTube options on the website to get in contact and ask questions to the dentist before making an appointment. These changes resulted in an increase of 65% in conversions.

In addition to the completely new look and feel, Today Dentistry has benefitted from an upgrade to its website’s content and technological underpinnings. For example, important information about how they work with dental insurance and their in-house dental savings plan is now easy to access. There is much deeper content on expanded services – such as sleep apnea treatment – throughout the website.

What does this mean in actual hard numbers?

Based on an average patient treatment value being $300, this is the results this dental practice achieved:

 Current PatientsUpliftMonthly IncreaseOver 4 months
Patient Numbers10185%29119
Revenue$3,000 $8,700$35,70

The way a website is designed and built is crucial to its success. Having a team that has different specialties to bring that design to life is even more important.

$3,000 website becomes expensive when it’s built ‘only’ to look nice, but with no thought to the patients’ website journey. I.e. it drives low patient numbers.

$10,000 website is cheap when it’s designed by an expert team to drive new patients.

Added to the fact an average lifetime value is conservatively $1,000, the revenue these changes made was over three times higher.

What did they spend to gain these results? Only $4,600!


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